If you already have certain data about your user, you can share it with Footprint to expedite the onboarding process for your users. We will pre-fill already available data and skip completed pages for your users. The users can always edit and correct this data while onboarding through Footprint. To pass user data to Footprint's flow, use the userData option:


import footprint from '@onefootprint/footprint-js';

const publicKey = 'ob_test_VMooXd04EUlnu3AvMYKjMW';
const userData = {
  '': '',
  'id.phone_number': '+12025550179',
  'id.first_name': 'Jane',
  'id.last_name': 'Doe',
  'id.dob': '01/01/2001',
  'id.ssn9': '123456789',
  'id.ssn4': '1234',
  'id.address_line1': '123 Apple St.',
  'id.address_line2': 'APT 123',
  '': 'Boston',
  'id.state': 'MA',
  '': 'US',
  '': '02117',
};{ publicKey, userData });

Available user data

id.emailOptional. User email (e.g
id.phone_numberOptional. User phone. Must be in the E.164 format (e.g +12025550179)
id.first_nameOptional. User's first name.
id.last_nameOptional. User's last name.
id.dobOptional. User's date of birth. Must be in MM/DD/YYYY format. (e.g. 01/01/2001)
id.ssn9Optional. User's 9-digit SSN number. (e.g. 123456789)
id.ssn4Optional. The last 4 digits of user's SSN. (e.g. 1234)
id.address_line1Optional. The first line of user's residential address.
id.address_line2Optional. Additional address information, like apartment or suite number. Must be a string.
id.cityOptional. User's residential city. Must be a string.
id.stateOptional. User's residential state. Must be in 2-character USPS format. (e.g. CA)
id.countryOptional. User's residential country. Must be in Alpha-2 Code format. (e.g. US)
id.zipOptional. User's residential zip. Must be a string.