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Footprint uses webhooks to asynchronously update your application's code on critical events in the lifecycle of an onboarding. Webhooks are critical controls for automating account opening processes and ensuring your user accounts remain in compliance. For example: receive webhooks when a user completes an onboarding, if the status of an onboarding changes when user is verified from a manual review state, or if a OFAC/PEP watchlist alert is triggered for a user.

You can quickly configure webhooks and test them from within the Footprint developer dashboard.

Webhooks tab

Interactive portal

From the webhooks tab in the Footprint developer dashboard you can configure endpoints, test endpoints with sample events, view statistics and logs, and create your signing secret for verification.

Webhooks example

Guides and Resources

Below, please find some links guides for consuming Footprint webhooks.

  1. Footprint Webhook Event Types
  2. Guide to consuming webhooks
  3. Securely verify webhook signatures